About Us


Alacon Projects thrives off innovative constructive solutions, with a proven track record of success derived from a result of 35 years of combined design and construction experience.


Alacon is renowned for its high levels of excellence by over exceeding our clients expectations. To ensure the longevity of the company we strongly place a core focus on delivering timely, cost effective design and construct solutions to ensure a partner focused relationship.


Our methodology is formulated through involving senior management with all projects to ensure our clients are kept in the loop through every crucial step of the way.


Alacon Projects is family run and operated business specialising in the residential building market. Our attention to detail and workmanship is second to none and we pride ourselves on being innovators and leaders in the residential sector. We have our clients best interest at heart and approach each project with a unique touch, because we know that each clients aims and objectives are unique in there own way.